It’s a quacking great race that could win one lucky duck a $25,000 cash or car or a $10,000 boat.

The 4pm show stopper event will see tens of thousands of yellow rubber ducks tipped in to the Brisbane River, turning the water into a sea of yellow as they race along a 100m course in the fight against cancer. First beaks across the line win the above prizes!

What is the Duck Race?

The Duck Race is the PA Research Foundation's signature fundraising event for cancer research. 40,000 rubber ducks are tipped into the Brisbane River at Riverside Drive, West End and race between barriers over a 100m course. Each duck has a number on it’s base that corresponds with a ticket number purchased prior to the race.

   Riverside Drive (Cnr Victoria  St), West End, QLD

    Sunday 14th October 2018 11am - 5pm 

When I purchase a Duck Race ticket in the lottery will I get a duck to keep?

No. When you purchase a Duck Race ticket, your ticket number will correspond to a duck which has a number on its base. 40,000 of these rubber ducks are stored in a container which is released into the Brisbane River and race between barriers down a 100m course. If you would like to purchase a duck to keep you can order our merchandise from our online store, or on the day of the event at our merchandise stand.

Where does the money go?

All proceeds from the Duck Race go towards cancer research will support innovative, life-saving cancer research based  at the PA Hospital Campus - home to the world's first cancer vaccine.

The PA Research Foundation has a proud history of funding innovative cancer medical research at the PA Hospital Campus. From providing seed funding to the discovery of the world's first cancer vaccine, Gardasil, to funding a world first clinical trial in a new combination therapy for aggressive cancers such as triple negative breast cancer and secondary head and neck cancer - we are invested in making a difference on a global scale.

Some of the main areas of research we are currently funding include:

Did you change your name?

Yes, our event was formerly known as the Summertime Riverfest Featuring Australia's Biggest Duck Race. We have changed the campaign to 'Australia's Biggest Duck Race', as we believe this will resonate more with the Brisbane community and at a national level.